Benefits of having

a website 

Without a website for your business, you’re not only leaving a lot of money on the table but also limiting your business growth potential. A social media presence isn’t enough; have a platform to keep your customers grounded and coming back for your offers.

Here’s what your business is missing out by not having a website:

1- Your website is a powerful sales tool

An excellent site forms the cornerstone of your marketing strategy. To maximize sales, have a platform to launch all your marketing efforts. If you want to promote your business by emails, ads, or have affiliate marketing offers, you need a website as a platform to launch, manage, and analyze your marketing campaigns.  

  • You can create information-rich content on your blogging section and use it to target

customers. Once they read your content on your site, they will want to check your services. With a top conversion optimized website, most will buy from you.

  • A website allows retargeting of customers with better offers: If you were running

a cross-channel marketing campaign, your website offers an excellent platform to manage the campaigns.

  • Your website makes branding easy: It enables you to identify your customer – a

powerful branding technique – relate to them, and build a productive customer relationship that leads to a high customer lifetime value.

To boost sales, have a website with compelling product or service descriptions. You can then place a clear call to action buttons below the descriptions. 83% of small businesses reported that a website offered them a competitive advantage.

2- Makes your business discoverable

97% of internet users are there to search for information or products that can solve their challenges. Supposed you don’t have a website, how will they ever find your products or services?

ROBO, a new online marketing trend, is merely an acronym for research online buy online. Of the 3.5 billion Google searches every day, 80% of online buyers will not buy from you the first time. Most will buy the second or third time if you regularly place your products in front of them.

A website element such as a blog will allow you to produce content that solves some challenges that customers search in Google. Since you performed SEO on your content, your website ranks for the content you wrote. Tons of traffic leads to lots of conversions.

Only 59% of small businesses have websites. To make your customers discover your business, and what you offer, have a compelling website.

3- It enables you to expand your market

When you’re offline, customers are limited to those who visit your shop and purchase from you. Most businesses opt to sell on social media as well. It’s a good idea, but the best approach will always be having a website; it offers you a competitive edge over businesses without it.

Here’s how a website helps you expand your market:

  • With SEO content, you can tap traffic from search engines. These customers will land on

your site and make a purchase. If you’re selling products, deliver to them.

  • Run ads, comment on other people’s blogs or websites and be active on social media.

The links you leave online will attract many people to your site. These people will either buy from you or leave an email, which is the most vital piece of customer information you can have.

You limit your market size by not having a website. Customers are everywhere. An online presence helps you target them since of the 3.5 billion Google searches, 15% are new searches, which offers massive potential for business growth.

4- Gives a business authority

Customers like to buy from a business with a web presence. They will want to know if you’re serious enough to have a stable website. Most websites have a blogging section.

Here is where you can improve your authority by doing the following:

  • Creating long-form content: creating killer content in your blogging section of a

website helps you gain authority. Research shows that by creating rich blog posts of above 2000 words, a website increases its online visibility, backlinks, and social shares. These are powerful marketing benefits.

  • Borrow authority from others: a website is an excellent platform to borrow authority.

Create a list of highly authoritative sites in your niche and submit guest posts to them. Within no time, your website is receiving tons of visits and skyrocketing in sales.

To command attention and set high prices for your products and services, have an authoritative website.

5- Allows flexibility

The business climate is regularly evolving. New marketing trends and techniques are coming up every day. To outpace the competition, develop a flexible working model. Nothing allows business flexibility than having a website.

A website enables you to target the new generation of digital natives. If you want to offer services to new customers, with different ideologies and user behavior, your business needs to be flexible.

Most brick-and-mortar businesses close every day because business models shift. Do you want to jump into the bandwagon of flexible companies and reap huge returns? Contact us to have a web presence in a day.

Your business needs to embrace corporate flexibility to stay afloat; this includes competitive pricing on products or services, innovative strategies, and outsourcing creative talents. You can do all this fast if you have a business website.

6- Boosts credibility

If your business still sends emails using generics such as AOL,, or Gmail, 65% of customers won’t take your business as credible.

With a website, you can show your expertise in what you’re selling and appear as a thought leader. The content on your site makes you credible to your prospects. Ensure 20% of the content is educative, while 80% should be relevant and usable to the needs of your business.

A website gives you a platform to display your past work, reviews from clients, location, and contact address; these acts as social proof and make you appear credible to new prospects.


One last thing…

So, a website now-a-days is a must for businesses looking for leveling-up or even improving their current level. A website gives you 24/7 presence, makes your information easy to access to, creates better customer service, gives your business credibility, and plays a main role in growing and expanding your business on all of the advertising channels.  

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